FOQL + VJ Copy Corpo (PL)

FOQL – Polish artist who crafts heavy, elegant and hypnotic music that stands somewhere between minimal synth, darker and more industrialised fringes of techno and coldwave/post-punk influences. Detaching herself from the occasional boredom of techno, she also employs the best elements of the genre to shape her own unique sound – one that is as danceable…


The FCKN’BSTRDS are basically a bunch of misfits from the margins of the Dutch music scene… Obscure hometapers, rancid performers, bad mutants, crap artists and borderliners with a tendency for chaos and noise. It is nihilistic primal punk, it spits in the eye of professionalism and perfection. It is an insult to good taste. It…

Mindsync aka D-Omen (UK)

Damian Henderson started mixing vinyl way back in 1995 at the tender age of 10. When he turned 12 he got booked to play with CJ Bolland, and not long after he got a full page review in DJ Magazine. When Damian turned 15, he started to make his own music, at Footprint studios, where…


BRAT (Lviv, Ukraine) creates something like NON HIP-HOP \ WANTON RAP \ EXPERIMENTAL \ TRIP-HOP. Ironic commentator, who produces true stuff for bros.

radiant futur (UA)

radiant futur – Cherkassy-based project, consists of Yan Yariomeko and Vova Shyrokopoias. The play only live. For production guys use synthesis and field recordings. Main genres are techno, electro and house.

Synthkey (UA)

Live, Meditative, Tricky, Warm, Spiced, Hypnotic – that’s all about his sound This music inspired by sounds with soul and energy, whatever it could be: Weird acoustic Instruments, unpredictable soviet electronic instruments, guitars and drums recorded together with band, field recordings, processing of images and transforming them to sounds, or how about tesla coil device…

Samonakruty Kapusty (UA)

Samonakruty Kapusty – a brand new noise industrual hardcore project by Andriy Kapusta. Kapusta produces numerous musical projects such as New Art Of Monotone (hardcore techno), The Gabbage (hardstyle), Ternocore (experimental music), Squall. The participant of Ternopil-based noise crew Subprodukt.