Alexander Sovtysik (UA/PL)

Artist, originally from Ivano-Frankivsk, now lives and works in Krakow. Connected with the Ukrainian graffiti scene since 2006. Works in the field of painting, media art and audio. In his works he examines the surrounding world by the method of intuitive abstraction. The founder of the Krakow Perpetuum Mobile platform, which hosts exhibitions, parties and…

Jakub Lemiszewski (PL)

A versatile musician from the city of Poznań. In his solo works he deals with discovering yet unknown spaces in electronic dance music. His works is characterized by intensity and multilevelness. He has released several solo albums (30 Minut, Hermes, Mixtape, Daaamn, Nielegal, Bubblegum New Age) and more than 300 concerts with various projects in…

Friedensreich + Splinter (UA)

Duo by techno musicians Nikita Griaznov and Tymur Samarskyi. Their performances are only live and improvised, they prepare the unique modular set-up for each one. The sound is like modular techno with ambient elements. Set-up, enviroment, venue atmosphere – all effects on performance. Modular Random Techno .

Acid Jordan (UA)

Acid Jordan is an audio enthusiast based in Poltava and a part of ШЩЦ formation. Following no particular direction, his sonic practices often revolve around grooveless decontextualization of field recordings and various socially valid ephemera to create voids of sounds, with no imposed meaning or forced connotation.