Damian Henderson started mixing vinyl way back in 1995 at the tender age of 10. When he turned 12 he got booked to play with CJ Bolland, and not long after he got a full page review in DJ Magazine.
When Damian turned 15, he started to make his own music, at Footprint studios, where he also got into teaching. At the age of 17 and after 7 years of playing out in the UK, Damian went out to venture Europe, where he played at various outdoor & warehouse parties, across Italy, France & Spain. When he returned to the UK in 2002, Damian started collecting his own audio hardware (for home music production).

His music is releasing on vilyl and digital on Yaya23 Records, Bombtrap Records, Subsonic Records, Infalux.
Played live all over Europe including Germany, Holland, Italy, Portugal, Spain and UK.