Acid Jordan (UA)

Acid Jordan is an audio enthusiast based in Poltava and a part of ШЩЦ formation. Following no particular direction, his sonic practices often revolve around grooveless decontextualization of field recordings and various socially valid ephemera to create voids of sounds, with no imposed meaning or forced connotation.

Diser Tape (UA)

diser tape is an electronic project from Kyiv by Artem and Nika Kanischevy. They create new sounds on the edge of post-industrial, ambient, glitch and dubtech aethetics. They call it blur sound technique. diser tape play improvised lives with searching of new ways of self-expression with technical features. They got few releases on Teple Yabluko…

Konakov (UA)

Bohdan Konakov — sound artist, musician and producer, DJ from Kyiv, Ukraine. He runs ШЩЦ, a Kiev-based clubnight, label and collective of fellow Ukrainian musicians. He was member of the Cxema crew — ukrainian underground rave. Bohdan not only produces his own music and sound design. He is also a DJ and journalist. His eclectic…


NFNR (Neither Famous Nor Rich) is a nickname for Kyiv-based musician, theatrical composer and event curator Olesia Onykienko. NFNR has joint projects with different musicians from India, Japan, Sweden, Ukraine and is a part of folk-electronic art-laboratory MOKOSHO. On Hamselyt festival she’ll present new non-meditative show from upcoming album Mydriasis.

Motoblok + Clasps (UA)

A joint improvisation by two Ternopil-based producers Motoblok & Clasps. They are the prophets of new genres – Hedonistic doom and Subrealism. In 2017 their split EP Spyt was released on Pincet label.

Mchy i Porosty (PL)

Bartosz Zaskórski is an artist from Poland. As a musician he performs as ‘Mchy i Porosty’, playing cruel and melancholic danceable music. Recently his first vinyl record was released by Brutaż label.

Lyudska Podoba (UA)

Lyudska Podoba – Kyiv based musical project which works on the field of experimental and avantguard pop. Members – Anatoly Belov and George Babanski. Lyrics about love and sexuality meet solid techno beat and mystic textures.

Komitet (UA)

Komitet – Georgiy Babanskyi – is a composer, film director, and the founder of Lyudska Podoba band. His music is an electro-breakbeat with techno basis. During five years of creating and performing KOMITET gained unique sound which you can recognize without any efforts. At the same time, his work is always mobile and transformштп with…


Playing around with music composition, sound synthesis since 2014 and slowly growing onto techno, darkwave, retro and experimental music. JNKR takes no boundaries with where his music will grow and likes to include some existential aesthetic. He believes in utter freedom of art and expression and take no restrictions upon himself and the world around…